Kwale Industrial Park (KIP)

Exciting Opportunities at Kwale Industrial Park: A game-changing initiative driven by Delta State Government, KIP stands as a model for sustainable industrialization. Located along the Ughelli-Asaba road, it covers 10 km2 and offers a competitive edge in energy-intensive manufacturing. With world-class facilities, it’s a Free Trade Zone set to create over 100,000 jobs. KIP’s advantages include cost-efficient gas and power, reliable supply, proximity to markets and ports, access to raw materials, FTZ status, and a peaceful environment. Progress is in motion, with plans to start manufacturing in 2023, and a range of investment opportunities, from utility provision to real estate and diverse manufacturing plants.

Empowering a Greener Future

With our technical partners, PowerChina Hubei Engineering Co., Ltd, we’ve made significant strides in solar energy solutions. A 4MW solar solution proposal was made and accepted by a Coca-Cola subsidiary (CHI limited), a fast-moving consumer goods company located in Lagos state. Although implementation differed for cost reasons, this highlights our capacity to deliver impactful solar solutions.

We’ve also installed solar capacities of over 20kW for both home and commercial users. These successful installations showcase our commitment to providing reliable and sustainable solar solutions.