Strategic Advancements in Oil & Gas

At Tempo Energy, our medium to long-term strategy in the oil & gas sector revolves around robust growth in Exploration and Production (E&P). We achieve this by strategically investing in the acquisition of assets, whether through direct farm-outs from IOCs (International Oil Companies) or in collaboration with independent operators through impactful partnerships.

Our Acquisition Milestones

In pursuit of this strategic vision, we have achieved significant milestones:

  • OML 29: In 2015, Tempo Energy, in collaboration with an indigenous oil company, successfully acquired Shell’s Oil producing asset – OML 29. This asset currently boasts a production rate of approximately 52,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boe/day).
  • OML 46: Furthermore, our commitment to advancing in the oil & gas sector was reaffirmed in the recent 2020 Marginal field bid round conducted by the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR). Tempo Energy, in partnership with other indigenous companies, emerged as a successful bidder for the coveted OML 46 assets. This achievement highlights our ability to collaborate effectively, win competitive bids, and solidify our presence in the industry.

Driving the Future

At Tempo Energy, we remain committed to enhancing our footprint in the oil & gas domain through strategic acquisitions, partnerships, and innovative ventures. Our goal is to contribute to the growth and development of Nigeria’s energy landscape while maintaining the highest standards of operational excellence and responsible resource management. These acquisitions reflect our dedication to expanding our E&P interests through well-planned partnerships and asset acquisition.